14 Weeks Pregnant

My goodness this pregnancy is going by so fast! Maybe it is because I have four other kiddos, maybe it is because it is my last pregnancy. One way or another, time is passing much too quickly. I am STILL sick! I have not been sick like this since having babies 6 years ago! I can not wait to feel better. On the up side, I am not nauseated anymore, at least I don’t think I am! I am too sick to tell. I have been sleeping almost all day. I wake up to nurse the baby, who is also sick, and take him to nap. He has a hard time sleeping at night due to his stuffy nose, so I am up all night. I am thankful my husband is able to take care of the kids during the day for me. He had a little time off work but goes back soon. I hope I feel better by then! My tummy is growing, I am not sure how since I am too sick to eat anything. I know I am losing weight, I am trying to eat as much as I can to help this little baby grow. I am a little nervous to see my weight loss at my appointment next week. Breastfeeding has been a touch difficult with being sick. I am trying to get in as much fluid as possible to keep up my supply. I did have one day where it was very hard to nurse. I felt like there was nothing in there for him. But I drank my body weight in water, at least that is what it felt like. And my supply came back up. Yay! Hopefully it is not too much! I am heading back to bed to rest. I got dressed once this week for court, gotta love the full mirrors in the bathrooms!

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