13 Weeks Pregnant

Another week has passed us by! I have picked up a terrible cold. Being sick while pregnant is NOT fun. We should’ve had our test results by now, but the hospital midwife screwed things up. She did not listen to a word I said. I do not know why I was at the appointment, she wrote down what she wanted to, either ignored everything I said or did not care. This is why I am terrified of giving birth in a hospital. First, she wrote down the last date of my period incorrectly. Second, she did an ultrasound and gave me an estimated due date based off that, but after I was gone she decided she did not like that due date so she changed it to another date, without consulting me or telling me. Third, she completely ignored me when I told her I would not have a diagnostic ultrasound. Fourth, she lied to me and told me I was taking the genetic testing that day, but failed to put in the orders because she magically thought I was going to set up an appointment for an ultrasound I was very clear I would not attend. She did not tell me any of this until I inquired about my test results. Suddenly she remembered every word of our conversation and decided to order the test that day. I am incredibly frustrated with this provider. These are the kind of things that make me fear a hospital. If I had a worker in my house to fix something and they blatantly lied to me or did not listen to my words at all, I would fire them immediately. Why do we have such a hard time firing out doctors when they do the same thing? I immediately fired her and will be filing a complaint. These little things add up to bigger things. Like a doctor performing procedures without consent. Our doctors work for us. We do not bow down to them. Our medical care is in our hands, not theirs.


I saw my home birth midwife this week. What a difference it is to see her and not the hospital midwife! My home birth midwife appointment is an hour long, vs a 15 minute doctor visit. My HB midwife talks about my entire life and well being, not just the basics of being pregnant. She actually hears me and listens. Cares about what I have to say. I wish all midwives and doctors were like this.

Other than the frustrations of being lied to and completely ignored when it comes to my healthcare, this week has been decent. I still feel nauseated all the time. On top of that, my sickness. I hope this passes soon so I can get back to enjoying my kiddos and pregnancy. And the holiday season!

What do you think?