11 Weeks Pregnant, All Midwives Are Not Equal

I am 11 weeks pregnant! I am planning a home birth and do concurrent care with my hospital in case of a home to hospital transfer. My regular hospital midwife was unavailable, which means I had to see a different midwife for my first appointment. My husband had the day off work so he and our 3 younger children came with us to the appointment. The nurse asked me to undress as I would need to have a full physical. Since I have had a pap smear in the last 2 years, I declined having a full exam. When the midwife came in I could tell she was a little surprised I did not undress. She was not happy with my decision to have a home birth and was very adamant I needed to see the hospital midwife or doctor as well. She obviously did not read my chart as I have done concurrent care with my 2 previous home births. She then continued on to tell me I was considered high risk because I have large babies. My 37 week baby was 7 pounds, my second baby 39+5 was 10 pounds and my third baby was 40 weeks and almost 11 pounds. I have not had gestational diabetes and none of my other providers have ever been concerned about my babies large size. She did a bedside ultrasound to try to get my estimated due date. I have had a couple of periods since giving birth and am nursing my toddler. I know I am between 10-12 weeks pregnant. The hospital midwife wanted me to have a vaginal ultrasound to date my pregnancy. I declined. Based off the over my belly ultrasound I am 11 weeks pregnant exactly. That falls perfectly within my 10-12 weeks estimation. We did not hear the heart beat, but we did get to see the baby jumping and moving all around. The hospital midwife also ordered a lot of labs for me, normal pregnancy tests. She did want me to do the gestational diabetes test, and ordered it without asking me. When she told me I would have to sit in the lab for an hour, I asked her why. She then told me about the test. I again declined, I have not taken that sugary drink since my first pregnancy. There are other options. This hospital has me testing my blood sugar 4 times a day for 2 weeks to test for gestational diabetes. I am excited to have an estimated due date and to have seen my little bean. I am also excited to have the genetic testing done. Because my last baby had some issues with the newborn screening, this time we are testing during pregnancy. It is a simple blood test. They took a lot of my blood, but that is okay! Another great part of that is we will know in 1-2 weeks if we are having a boy or a girl! I am so excited! I am very disappointed in the hospital midwife. She was unhappy with my choices, and tried to force her choices on me. I think she failed to realize, I am the patient and am in charge of my medical decisions, not her. My husband did not notice anything amiss. Which I find interesting. A woman’s view and a man’s view of the same appointment. I could see the disappointment and slight hostility to my choices about my body and my unborn baby. He could not.

11 weeks and I am hoping my nausea will subside soon. I feel incredibly yucky all day and night. With my first two babies I felt great shortly after I hit the second trimester. With my third baby I felt terrible the entire time. My first two were girls, my third was a boy. I am feeling like this baby is a boy too. I can not wait to find out in a few weeks!

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